Beach Resorts of Croatia

The most popular destinations in Croatia may be large cities like Zagreb, Dubrovnik, and Split, but if you’re looking to discover the country’s authentic beauty and charm, head to the hidden gems along its Mediterranean coast. Here we have selected several beach resorts of Croatia, Along the way, you’ll find enchanting coastal towns and divine beaches, excellent local cuisine and wonderful people. Discover the best 6 beach resorts in Croatia and plan a relaxing retreat on a beautiful beach.

Rovinj in Croatia


Often described as one of the most beautiful destinations in Croatia, Rovinj awaits on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula. An idyllic destination for those searching for luxury hotels, sunny mornings on the beach and lazy afternoons on the waterfront, Rovinj captures Croatia’s inner peace and genuine beauty. Dominated by the romantic presence of a lovely Old Town, Rovinj is crossed by narrow cobbled streets and characterized by a nonchalant splendor.

Relax on the beach of Mulin

Dotted with reminders of its Venetian heritage, the town is under the spell of St. Euphemia’s bell tower from where you can admire splendid views. All roads lead to the peaceful waterfront, the perfect place to sip your coffee and taste the local specialties. There are plenty of beaches around Rovinj, but some of the most beautiful are Mulin Beach, Amarin Beach, Valdaliso Beach, and Borik Beach.

Brela Beach


Home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Punta Rata, Brela is often the number one summer destination for Croatians. The locals love this lively summer beach resort, situated only 15 km northwest of Makarska. While the town’s symbol, the Brela Stone, is illustrated on many local postcards, the most popular attraction in Brela is undoubtedly its necklace of paradisiacal beaches that stretch along 6 km.

Brela, a popular tourist village

With crystal clear waters and fine sand, secret coves and perfumed pine trees, Brela’s beaches are inviting and relaxing. Many of the hotels are situated right on the beach enchanting guests with sublime sea views and boutique comfort. Only 20 minutes away from Brela, you’ll discover the spectacular Biokova Nature Park, a wonderful destination for active travelers and nature lovers.

Aerial view of touristic old Trogir


Proud and majestic, Trogir is one of the best persevered medieval towns on the continent. This is the perfect destination for travelers who love to combine a summer escape with a historical adventure. Adorned with incredibly preserved buildings that tell stories from the 13th century and laced with winding ancient streets where you’ll find family-run restaurants and secret art galleries.

A beautiful amazing view of Okrug Gornji beach on Otok Ciovo beside Trogir

Trogir is a destination for all senses. Dig deeper into the city’s past and you’ll encounter fascinating Roman ruins and Romanesque tales, and, unavoidably, the Venetian Cathedral of St. Lovro. As soon as you arrive on the seaside promenade, the atmosphere changes and the summer frenzy takes over. You’ll find lively restaurants and nightclubs, cheerful people, and amazing views of hills beautifully dressed in lavender fields.



One of the most romantic destinations in Croatia, Korčula delights with fine medieval architecture and exquisite white wine. Many believe this town produces some of the best wine in the region due to its abundance of fertile vineyards. Often overlooked by tourists searching for the hip and trendy destinations of Croatia, Korčula is a wonderful choice for a relaxing beach getaway.

Korcula Island

Also known as the birthplace of Marco Polo and home to a fortified old town that seems to graciously float on the sea, this destination keeps tourists busy with an open-air theater, art galleries, restaurants, shops, and bars. It also invites them to relax on pretty beaches, many of them situated away from it all. The island is home to some of the best beaches in the country, including the sandy beach of Vela Przina and the pebbly beach of Pupnatska Luka. Since the settlement is surrounded by water, you’ll pretty much find a beach wherever you go.

Mali Lošinj

Mali Lošinj

Mali Lošinj awaits on the island of Lošinj, a small beautiful town decorated with Renaissance buildings and a lovely port. Moreover, the town is home to the fascinating Apoxyomenos museum and numerous historical landmarks that tell stories of the island’s rich past. However, what tourists love the most is the abundance of beaches that adorn the island. Also known as “the island of vitality”, Lošinj boasts crystalline waters that draw you in like a magnet, keeping swimmers busy for hours and hours. It’s impossible to stay away from the island’s beaches. One of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Lošinj is Veli Zal, situated only 20 minutes away from Mali Lošinj. The beach is the proud winner of a Blue Flag and enchants with its thick pine forest, hypnotic waters, and soft sand.

Hvar Island in Croatia


Popular and hip, the town of Hvar is situated on the Dalmatian island with the same name. This is the place to visit if you like vibrant summer destinations and endless beach parties. With no cars, marble streets, and thousands of visitors, Hvar is the party town of Croatia. However, beyond the craziness and the crowds, you’ll find a medieval town with 13th-century walls, Gothic palaces, a Renaissance-era harbor, and interesting historical tales.

The sensational beaches await a bit farther away, rocky but modern beaches with crystal clear waters and all the amenities you can wish for. Uvala Dubovica is one of the most picturesque beaches on the island, a popular destination for sun worshippers and a magical bay framed by pine trees and olive groves. Just 25 minutes from Hvar Town, you’ll encounter Pokonji Dol, one of the best beaches in Hvar. The beach dazzles with its irresistible deep shade of turquoise and romantic atmosphere.




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Wesley Baker

Wesley Baker

Wesley has run many businesses from Travel, Surfing, Space, Travel, Airlines, Software, Medical and Lifestyle. You can read more about him at

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