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Surfing Majorica is not something many people would think of immediately when you mention the beautiful island in the Balearic chain. Yet Majorca offers some fantastic surfing waves, a great vibe and warm water swells that spring up all year.

Naturally, with surfing Majorca the colder seasons of autumn and winter provide more consistent surfing conditions and larger waves, but spring and summer too can be useful for some warm water escapism.

It was in 1987 that I first visited the island and saw its potential then. I sat on the beach in April, while contracting hotels for Thomson Holidays. As I sat on the calm waters of Palma Nova and having been a surfer all my life, I knew what to look for. I could see out to sea that swells lines were passing through and then I set about asking local fishermen in the harbour at Palma if they knew of spots with waves.

To my glee then I was told of perfect rollers further up the coastline and how many a beach on the right conditions had rideable surf. The following year I ventured to Sa Coma, and to my joy I discovered surf rolling in.

A large surfing Majorca community now exists on the island, but it is still small enough to be enjoyed, and the waves do not get overcrowded. The beauty of surfing a spot such as Majorca is that you never know precisely when the surf will come, and you never be sure how long it will last however the waves do have a punch, and you can enjoy some fantastic conditions.

In this article, we are focusing on the small surf village of Canyamel, on the northeast of Majorca. It offers perfect sand bars, some reef and lovely conditions in a beautiful horseshoe-shaped cove. Having surfed this location multiple times now, it seems to hold a range of swells from small fun waves to larger, more powerful swells.

Accommodation in the village is a choice from self-catering up to 4/5 star spa hotels, with a nice 3/4 star hotel on the beach overlooking the surf. We would recommend that you stay in the Canyamel Park Spa hotel just set behind the beach, the food is incredible, the suites are great for storing your boards, and you have a couple private rooftop pools too.

The village is small, not a lot of nightlife just a few beach bars with music and sand in your toes and a mellow vibe. Catching a morning swell or an evening surf is fantastic, and in our experience of this surf spot, we have always found a wave to enjoy. I would say that the best quiver is certainly a mini-malibu and longboard although a good fish and shortboard are fun too. Like all local spots, you need and must respect the locals.

So if you are looking for a small family trip where surfing maybe is not the main trip, then Canyamel meets this. Still, also if you are looking to explore surf of this island, then Canyamel is a great base to move on to the many other spots that are hidden away on this fantastic island.

Canyamel is tucked away on the northeastern coast of Mallorca, in the municipality of Capdepera, 76 km from Palma de Mallorca airport. The name of the town means honey cane in Catalan, and it’s derived from the fact that the region used to be home to sugarcane plantations and bee yards.

Check this site for a list of spots to surf in Majorca. Click here. Majorca is the ideal place for water sports in the heart of the Mediterranean.



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